Tomato Glasses In Stock

Tomato Glasses are a fantastic range of frames ideal for babies, toddlers and young children and are amongst our favourite ranges for children.  Tomato Glasses are made from strong, flexible non-toxic TR90 materials. TR90 is a safe material used in medical products inserted in the body and in baby products, such as quality feeding bottles. Tomato Glasses frames are flexible, display excellent elasticity and do not break easily, all of which is ideal for our youngsters.

Our team of highly qualified, experienced and expert dispensing opticians will ensure your child finds the frame that offers the best possible fit.  It is at times a battle for parents to ensure their little ones wear their spectacles.  Poorly fitting, uncomfortable frames and heavy, thick lenses are often the reason for children removing their spectacles.  Our aim is to ensure your child looks great in their spectacles but most importantly that they are a perfect fit.

Our stock of Tomato Glasses spectacle frames

We hold a large range of styles and sizes in store and we are more than happy to order in other frames styles and sizes to ensure we match your child with the best possible frame.  Tomato Glasses frames can be modified and customised in a number of different ways to achieve a perfect fitting frame, and a frame that can grow with your child.

Contacting us about Tomato Glasses

If you wish to speak to our dispensing opticians regarding Tomato Glasses please contact them via email at  Alternatively you can call our reception team on 0141 943 3300 if you wish to make an appointment for your child to have an eye examination or to ask about Tomato Glasses.  Appointments can also be booked using our live online booking system, CLICK HERE to book an appointment.

The glasses do not fall down even when fitted with heavy lenses, including high-power lenses, prism lenses, or bonding lenses, when children are moving, or when a patch is used to treat amblyopia.


Tomato Glasses Frames are incredibly light: only 7 to 8g in weight.


Non Slip frames – The nose bridge matches the curves of the nose well and thus, allows the nose to hold the glasses comfortably in place and prevents them from slipping down.


The frames are shaped to follow the face, so they are comfortable to wear and do not press on the temples.


There is a cushion on the tip that matches the complex curves of the ears and does not press on the ears.


The glasses sit comfortably and do not slip down because the curves of the ear tips match the curves of the ears.


The glasses do not slip off as each ear tip can be easily adjusted and secured to create a good fit.


There are two sizes of nosepads, which can be replaced as needed. The position can be adjusted up or down using the three positions to suit the height of the user’s nose.


There is an air circulation groove on the area in contact with the nose, to reduce skin trouble during the summer and prevent the glasses from slipping down.


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