New additions to our expert team

We are delighted to announce two new staff members joining our expert team.

Shevaun Breslin

Shevaun Breslin joins the expert team full time as a trainee Dispensing Optician having recently enrolled in the British Association of Dispensing Opticians distance learning diploma programme. Under the stewardship of our optometrists Peter Ivins, Craig McArthur, Asim Sheikh and our dispensing opticians Jillian Forrie, Jennifer McArthur and Alison Halliday, Shevaun will embark on a three year training program working full time within Peter Ivins Eye Care with block release to the ABDO training establishment in Birmingham for lecture and continual assessment.

Shevaun is already highly experienced in optics have previously worked for Boots Opticians and most recently worked in Paisley’s Royal Alexandria Hospital. She comes highly recommended by our colleagues within Boots and the RAH and was head hunted for the new role created within the practice.

Fawaad Shafi

Fawaad Shafi has joined our expert team of a part-time basis. Fawaad will split his time between Peter Ivins Eye Care, Glasgow Caledonian University, and his various hospital placements. Fawaad is currently enrolled in Glasgow Caledonian University’s Orthoptics undergraduate programme.  Over the 4-year course Fawaad will gain the skills and experience required to be a full-time clinical orthoptist.  Orthoptists are experts in the eye movements, eye muscles and neurological issues with the muscles of the eye. They form an integral cog in the hospital eye care system as part of multi-disciplinary teams compromised of orthoptists, optometrists and ophthalmologists charged with treatment and are of children with squints, muscle problems and amblyopia, as well as adults with neurological issues.

Our expert team

Our team now comprises of Optometrists Peter Ivins, Craig McArthur and Asim Sheikh. Dispensing Opticians Jillian Forrie, Jennifer McArthur and Alison Halliday.  Trainee dispensing optician Shevaun Breslin. Dispensing Assistant Kaye Kaffine, clinical assistants Myra Forbes, Polyanna Gardiner and Fawaad Shafi and practice administrator Elaine Slaven.

Making an appointment

If you would like to make an appointment for an eye examination please call our reception team on 0141 943 3300. Alternatively you can CLICK HERE to book an appointment using our live online appointment diary.

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New additions to our expert team

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