How do Essilor Stellest lenses work?


Peter Ivins Eye Care, Scotland’s first Myopia Management clinic is delighted to announce we are amongst the first practices in the UK to offer Essilor Stellest spectacles lenses in the treatment of myopia in children. Stellest is an excellent option for children with progression myopia not quite ready for contact lenses or for those that wish to split their time between myopia control contacts lenses (MiSight, Menicon Bloom Day, NaturalVue, Seed iday Pure EDOF and Mylo) and myopia management spectacle lenses. Stellest offers an alternative to Hoya MiYOSMART spectacle lenses, previously the only licensed spectacle lens for the treatment of myopia progression in children. But how do the Essilor Stellest lenses slow the progression of myopia in children?


Essilor Stellest lenses – What is H.A.L.T.?

The Stellest spectacle lens is the culmination of more than 30 years of academic studies, product design, rigorous research efforts and collaboration between the top research institutes, myopia experts and Essilor’s research development teams.

The Stellest lens provides myopia correction and sharp vision through a single vision clear zone in the centre of the lens. It provides myopia control through the H.A.L.T. technology which consists of a constellation of aspherical lenslets spread on 11 rings.  The effect of this design is the slowing of the elongation of the eye in myopic children. The power of each ring has been ingeniously determined to ensure light is focussed in front of the retina following the shape of the eye to achieve consistent myopia slowdown.


How effective are Essilor Stellest lenses?

Essilor Stellest lenses slow down myopia progression by 67% on average, compared to single vision lenses, when worn 12 hours a day.

In its clinical trial, Essilor showed that after the first year, the eye growth of 9 out of 10 children wearing Essilor Stellest lenses was similar or slower than non-myopic children. Moreover, 2 out of 3 children who wore Essilor Stellest lenses have had a stable need in vision correction after the first year.


Would you like more information about Stellest?

If you would like to know more, please email Craig McArthur at You can book an appointment for a myopia management assessment within our dedicated myopia management clinic by calling our reception team on 0141 943 3300 or you can book an appointment online by clicking here.

Visit the Essilor website for more information. 


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