Children's Eye Care For Life

Eye Care for Life is designed to supplement the NHS funded eye examination and deliver the highest standards of clinical care, utilising industry leading diagnostic technology and analysis software. Simply put a more thorough eye test, more often.

Children under the age of 18 automatically join our Eye Care for Life programme free of charge. This entitles your child to a range of additional benefits including 25% off spectacle purchases, 15% off sunglass purchases and complimentary contact lens comfort trials.

Additional examinations that fall out with the NHS funded eye examination that are chargeable extras for adults are also included free of charge for under 18’s. Such exams include use of our Zeiss Clarus 500 ultra-widefield retinal imaging system (the first of its kind in Europe) to obtain highly detailed images of the back of the eye and use of our Zeiss Cirrus 5000 3D optical coherence tomographer (OCT) to capture incredibly detailed cross sectional images of the eye. The combination of these two sets of images allows us to detect, diagnose and monitor problems at the back of the eye with a higher degree of accuracy than ever before.

Use of our corneal topographer to produce three-dimensional maps of the cornea at the front of the eye are also included. These maps are important in screening children and young adults for keratoconus, a disease affecting the cornea, and can also be used in fitting contact lenses.

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