Our Expertise

Peter Ivins has been examining the eyes of children from the Bearsden and Milngavie area for over 35 years. He is now examining the children of the children he examined 35 years ago! His vast experience coupled with the skills developed as a father of four and grandfather to one mean he is considered an expert in children’s vision.

Craig McArthur has been examining the eyes of local children since 2008. Growing up as one of 30+ cousins from a large family and the fact his mother Patty has worked as a registered childminder for the last 30 years has given Craig plenty of practice communicating with children. Those experiences and those developed as a father to his son Noah have given Craig particular enthusiasm for children’s vision.

The pair are active in contact lens fitting in young children, visual stress and dyslexia management, management of children’s binocular vision anomalies and myopia control of progressing myopia in children.

At Peter Ivins Eye Care we examine and fit spectacles to a high volume of children from Bearsden, Milngavie, the West End and from much further afield. We receive referrals from local hospitals, additional support schools and other opticians in the Glasgow area. Our clinical skills and expertise in children’s eye care combined with our enthusiasm for treating children, means we are ideally placed to care for your children.

What is important in children’s eye care?

Continuity of care

An eye examination can be a daunting experience to a small child. It is crucial that your child feels safe and comfortable during the process, making the visit fun, engaging and hopefully something they look forward to every year. Seeing the same optometrist every time your child visits Peter Ivins Eye Care allows us to not only get to know your child’s eye health and visual needs, but also allows us to get to know your child and build their trust. We can guarantee you won’t see a different person every time you visit.

Great fitting spectacles

Spectacle fitting in children is an art-form due to the large variance in children’s head size and facial characteristics. It is crucial to ensure your child is looking through the optimal area of the lens and to ensure the frame stays on their littles faces during playtime. This is why under NHS rules spectacle frames should only be selected and fitted by a qualified dispensing optician or optometrist.

We are very lucky to have 3 highly experienced and qualified dispensing opticians (Jillian Forrie, Jennifer McArthur and Alison Halliday), and one trainee dispensing optician (Shevaun Breslin) working alongside our 3 optometrists (Peter Ivins, Craig McArthur and Asim Sheikh) to ensure every child achieves a perfect fit and a frame they love.