Custom-made soft contact lenses

Custom-made contact lenses

Most of our patients are fortunate enough to have an averagely shaped eye with an average prescription. The result of having an average eye is that most (but not all) contact lenses on the market will both fit your eye well and will accurately correct your prescription and thus allow you to see clearly and comfortably.

The perfect fit

However, some of the population have eyes that are either at the smaller or larger end of the normal distribution. The problem this creates is finding a lens that will fit your eye well. It’s a little like wearing shoes several sizes too big or several sizes too small. Your feet are covered but its neither practical nor ideal and will lead to problems. The same can be said for ill fitting contact lenses. In such situations being able to custom-make a contact lens based on the unique shape and size of your eye and cornea is crucial.


The perfect prescription

Prescription range can also be a problem. If you are very long sighted, very short sighted, or have a lot of astigmatism you may find your available contact lens options to be limited. Most manufacturers will aim to mass produce lenses that will work for most of the population. If your prescription is at one of the extreme ends, then you may not be able to find a suitable lens.


The perfect contact lens

We can design a bespoke contact lens for you that will not only fit the unique chape of your eye perfectly but will be able to correct your prescription perfectly despite it being more complex. To do this we use a corneal topographer to map the front of your eye in 3D using our Oculus K5 Keratograph. We combine the measurements of the unique shape of the front of your eye with axial length measurements (length of your eye) using our Oculus Myopia Master. We then use our Nidek TonoRef II and Nidek digital phoropter system to produce a highly accurate prescription. The culmination of these results is the ability to custom-make the perfect fitting contact lenses delivering optimal vision.

We use a variety of specialist contact lenses companies to produce custom-made soft contact lenses, bespoke rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, hybrid lenses and scleral lenses.