Eye Care for Life - Contacts

Peter Ivins Eye Care - Contact Lenses Glasgow

We offer a free comfort trial of contact lenses suited to your prescription. This will allow you to try contact lenses and decide if they are right for you. Our optometrists will carefully measure and examine your anterior eye, eye lids and tears film. We will discuss what lens options are correct for you then carefully fit some diagnostic lenses. We will also teach you to place lenses gently on the eye, carefully remove them and store them hygienically and safely if required. Learning this simple process will take about 20-30 minutes for most people.

The trial period usually lasts 1-2 weeks, at the end of which you can decide if contact lenses are right for you. If you wish to continue wearing them we will discuss the on-going care options with you. Almost 90% of people who trial contact lenses decide to continue to wear them.