Contact Lenses

Are you finding your contact lenses becoming less comfortable later in the day?

Contact lenses can disrupt the natural tear film and lead to an increase in tear evaporation. This is further exacerbated by many contact lens wears working on computers or digital devices for many hours per day. During such tasks we blink significantly fewer times putting more strain on our tear film. Air conditioned working environments, driving for long periods and working on digital devices can lead to dry eye and reduced contact lens comfort.

We have vast experience in contact lenses fitting and lecture on the topic across the world. As an independent practice we have access to the best contact lenses available worldwide, including custom-made contact lenses. Optimising the fit and material of your contact lens can help the comfort.

Improving the quality of your tears will also help. Treatments such as BlephEx and IPL can help improve the quality of your tears and thus the comfort of your contact lenses if using artificial tears is not adequately treating the problem.

We occasionally use contact lenses to successfully treat ocular surface disease. In conditions such as recurrent corneal erosions we often use bandage contact lenses to allow the eye to heal underneath the protective contact lens. In severe forms of dry eye or neuropathic dry eye we also use special scleral contact lenses to create a liquid bandage on the eye, meaning the eye is constantly bathed in saline and artificial tears reducing the symptoms of dry eye and pain some experience.