How long do I need to register for?

The minimum contract is for 12 months during which you can purchase as many pairs of spectacles and sunglasses as you require at the current discounted rate. After 12 months you can cancel at any time with one month’s notice.

What if I want contact lenses as well?

If you wish contact lens care to be included you can either join our Eye Care for Life Contact Lens Programme or add £4 to your existing monthly fee.

What about my NHS entitlement?

Many of our clinical procedures, as well as the frequency of examination, are not currently funded by the NHS. Our current pricing therefore assumes that we will claim NHS fees only when and if available. Should your eligibility of NHS fees be withdrawn in the future we would inform you of any increase before implementing.

What are the Financial Benefits of joining Eye Care for Life?

  • 25% discount on spectacles with unlimited personal purchases
  • 15% discount on sunglasses with unlimited personal purchases
  • 10% discount on accessories, contact lens solutions, dry eye products and ocular nutrients.

What are the Clinical benefits?

  • Priority access to your preferred optometrist
  • Any number of appointments given as clinically required
  • Extended clinical procedures appropriate to your age and ocular status
  • Predictive software for risk assessment
  • A detailed verbal and written report of your visual status
  • Contact lens comfort trials
  • 24 hour emergency helpline
  • Rapid access to specialist opinion if required *

What other benefits do I receive?

  • Complimentary spectacle cleaning spray and free refills
  • Servicing, cleaning, minor repairs and adjustment of spectacles for the lifetime of your frame

Do I have to buy my glasses from you?

We suspect because of our generous discounts to members of our programmes that it would be hard to find equivalent product elsewhere cheaper, so much so that we have a price guarantee. However if you wish to buy your glasses elsewhere and come to us for your eye care only that’s fine - it’s your choice.

Do I have to join an Eye Care for Life programme?

No. If you opt for the basic NHS eye examination then you can simply pay for any extra clinical procedures as you have them.