Eye Care for Life Essentials

Eye Care for Life Essentials members enjoy priority access to their chosen optometrist, routine 12 monthly examinations including OCT, corneal topography, ultra-widefield retinal imaging and macular pigment density analysis. They also enjoy exclusive discounts from spectacles, sunglasses and complimentary contact lens comfort trials. It’s never too early to have a detailed eye examination and start building a profile of yours.

Most adults under 40 enjoy healthy eyes and good vision. The most common problems for people in this age group are visual stress from use of screens, hostile environments such as air conditioning or air travel, eye injuries from work or sport, and UV exposure. Even on an overcast day harmful UV rays can damage the surface of the eye. Over time unprotected exposure to UV and blue light can increase the risk of certain types of cataract and has the potential to damage parts of the retina which can lead to significant loss of vision in later life. Routine assessment with our award-winning technology can ensure your eyes are in the best possible condition and avoid potential problems in the future.

Procedure Included in NHS Eye Care for Life
Vision and refractive status
Binocular status assessment
Internal and external ocular health
Visual field analysis
Contact pachymetry
Standard retinal photography
Ultra-widefield true colour retinal imaging
Fundus Autofluorescence
Macular OCT
Macular Pigment density scan
Macular/ Retinal risk analysis
Optic nerve and nerve fibre OCT
OCT Pachymetry
OCT Goniometry
Glaucoma Risk Analysis
Corneal Topography
25% discount on spectacles
15% discount on sunglasses
10% discount on accessories