The Perfect Fit


No matter the quality of the eye examination or the technology behind the prescription, the final determining factor in delivering optimum visual performance in a spectacle wearer is the accuracy, the suitability and the comfort of the finished spectacles.

In today’s mass optical market, this in our opinion often gets overlooked as the art of dispensing is a skill that requires patience, knowledge and an eye for what looks good and is a rare combination in a dispensing optician.

Our qualified dispensing opticians have great experience and knowledge in this area, and will take the time it takes to get what we call the PERFECT FIT. This is made up of the perfect frame and the perfect lens.

The Perfect Frame


For many people their spectacle frame will be on their face every day all day. The shape and colour will often define them (Think John Lennon / The Two Ronnies / Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s).

So not only is it vital that it fits comfortably but also that the shape and colour suit your face shape as well as skin and hair tones.

We also to have to combine this with your lens requirements, which often dictate size and thickness of certain frames that are suitable.

Finally this has to be balanced with a budget that you are comfortable with.

For that reason we stock over a 1000 frames at any one time which means we can cater for all needs, sizes, ages, styles and budgets.

The Perfect Lens


It is this area and particularly in the field of lens and material design that has seen the biggest transformation over the last ten years. Today’s lenses offer superb optics, flawless coatings, almost no distortion and thickness and weights that no matter what your prescription will deliver a superb optical and visual performance.

Of course the type, material, design and complexity required are very much an individual choice depending on your own unique prescription.

Sometimes a simple lens design will do, sometimes it won’t

What we will do is always give you a promise that we will give you advice on the choices available to you that will give the perfect lens for you visual needs.