Custom Made Lens

Why made-to-measure Contact Lenses?

Bespoke, made-to-order soft monthly disposable contact lenses are an excellent option if you or your child:

  • Has more than -1.50DC of astigmatism,
  • Is more myopic than -6.00DS
  • Has a very small or very large eye

MiSight™ daily disposable and orthokeratology contact lenses are both excellent options for myopia management intervention. However, they are both limited by the available prescription range unlike custom-made monthly contact lenses that are made specifically for you or your child.

Available prescription range:

Myopia: 0.00 to -30.00

Astigmatism: -0.75 to -8.00

Axis: 0 to 180 Steps 1°

Made-to-measure contact lenses – How do they work?

We capture a 3D map of the shape of the eye using a highly sophisticated corneal mapping, from which we can individually design and manufacture a contact lens that not only fits perfectly but corrects vision perfectly. This system gives our myopia management optometrists complete control of every aspect of the contact lens from its shape, size, prescription and design.
The lens is based on a very similar design to that of a multifocal and that of MiSight™ daily disposable contact lenses, using dual focusing zones to reduce myopia progression in the eye.

The bespoke lens is a monthly silicone hydrogel soft contact lens that combines a selective blue light blocking filter with a 1st Class UV Filter. It features a high-water content, low dehydration material, for maximum comfort.

Contact Lenses in Children

Contact lenses have been shown to be very safe in children by numerous studies. Whilst daily disposable contact lenses would always be our first choice of lens for a child, made-to-measure monthly replacement soft disposable contact lenses offer a great alternative for individuals with more complex prescription needs.
A simple one-step cleaning solution is used to ensure the process is simple enough for a child to follow, maintains clean and comfortable lenses and therefore reduces the risk of infection. Our staff are on hand to teach your child to place the lens on and remove the lens from the eye, how to properly clean the lenses daily, and how to care for the lenses throughout the 30 days of wear.

Making an appointment

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