Mylo Contact Lenses

We have been using MYLO contact lenses for myopia management since their launch in early 2019. The lens is individually crafted and custom-made for each patient. The lens is specifically designed for Myopia Management using the Brien Holden Vision Institute patented Extended Depth of Focus technology.

MYLO contact lenses are removed nightly and replaced monthly. They feature a high-water content and low coefficient of friction, which combine to improve comfort throughout the day. The lens material is particularly easy to handle making it simpler for younger wearers to place the lenses on and remove them safely from the eye.

Why would I choose MYLO contact lenses?

The major advantage of MYLO contact lenses is the fact they are custom-made for the individual. Most disposable contact lenses are mass-produced meaning the lenses are all the same size (total diameter of the contact lens) and will have usually one, occasionally two different curves (referred to as the base curve of the lens). This assumes that you have an average eye with an average size and curve of cornea. This is not always the case for everyone however.

MYLO contact lenses allow us to take highly detailed three-dimensional scans of the cornea and produce a lens that is the optimal size and curve for your child’s eye. This improves lens comfort and lens stability which in turn improves visual performance. In short, a perfect fit and perfect vision.

The other big advantage of MYLO contact lenses is the available power range which extends from -0.25 to -15.00 in -0.25DS steps.

Mylo Contact lenses for myopia management at Peter Ivins Eye Care

Who manufacturers MYLO Contact lenses?

MYLO Contact lenses are a result of collaboration between mark'ennovy based in Madrid and the Brien Holden Vision Institute based in Sydney. Mark'ennovy is a custom monthly soft contact lens manufacturer we have used for the last 20+ years. Mark'ennovy allow us to start with the eye’s own unique measurements, and then individually craft a lens to match. They offer unrivalled combination of contact lens parameters, geometries, materials, and are backed by world class manufacturing technology.

The Brien Holden Vision Institute is a non-profit translational research, education and public health organisation. It develops new solutions for vision care, especially for myopia and other refractive errors to eliminate vision impairment and avoidable blindness, thereby reducing disability and poverty.

Myopia Management Clinic - How do I make an appointment?

You can book an appointment with one of our myopia experts by calling our reception team on 0141 943 3300. Alternatively, you can CLICK HERE to use our online appointment diary.