Bespoke Spectacle Frame Tailoring

You are unique, why shouldn’t your spectacles and sunglasses be? One of a kind frames designed by our dispensing opticians for the perfect fit and the perfect look.

Our Bespoke spectacle frame tailoring service is perfect if you are looking for a unique one of a kind frame to stand out from the crowd; if finding a frame that fits well is difficult – this is often the case if you are petite or taller individual; if you find it difficult to find the style you like in a colour that suits your skin tone; or if you simply cannot find exactly what you are looking for, our team can make your dream frame a reality.

Made just for you

Made-to-measure spectacle frames sound expensive! However, the prices are comparable with many off-the-shelf designer frames. The price depends on the complexity of the design, the level of customisation and the material use. Typically prices start from around £300.

The process
The process is relatively simple and splits into four parts:

Measurements: During the initial consultation our dispensing opticians take highly detailed head and facial measurements to ensure the finished frame fits perfectly.

Design: We then work with you to develop the design, choose the frame materials, colours and finishes. We then take photos in the chosen template frame. These are then sent to the design studio where the eyewear is designed for each individual customer. Specific attention is paid to the brow line of each customer and the frame is tailored to bring symmetry to the face.

Craftmanship: Each frame is hand-made for the customer using a combination of traditional techniques and modern machinery. This normally takes 2-4 weeks.

Bespoke Lenses: Once the frame manufacturing is complete you will be invited back to the practice for a fitting. Incredibly accurate measurements are taken by our dispensing opticians to allow bespoke Nikon premium lenses to be ordered and manufactured to ensure optimum visual performance.