Kids Eyewear

Do you find it difficult to find spectacle frames that fit you child properly? Do you find it difficult to find cool spectacle frames for you child? Are you child’s lenses thicker than you would like them to be? We may be able to help.

At Peter Ivins Eye Care every child is offered a personalised one-to-one fitting service with an expert dispensing optician to ensure the perfect frame fit is achieved.

We offer children premium Nikon lenses to avoid thick and heavy lenses. We stock hundreds of children’s frames from very inexpensive frames for those on a budget; to rugged near indestructible frames for the rough and tumble kid, to high performance frames for sporty, to designer children’s frames for the fashion conscious little ones

We also stock a large selection of specialist frames for differently abled children, those with complex prescriptions or for very young children. We have vast experience in this front often working with local hospitals, local audiology departments and local special needs schools to provide children with complex needs the best and most appropriate spectacles available.


The epitome of cool in eye wear for the last 75 years, Ray-Ban have in more recent years launched and expanded its popular range of spectacle frames and sunglasses for young children and teenagers. Timeless designs, great build quality and instant street-cred make Ray-Ban junior a popular choice for children. The frames on offer come in a variety of colours and sizes, and offer a great warranty. Suitable for both boys and girls.


Founded by designer Sophie Mechaly in 1995 this family owed French boutique brand is famous for its luxury designer womenswear, menswear, kids wear and cosmetics products. The release of the first ladies eyewear range was followed by the launch of Little Paul & Joe for children and teens. Beautifully crafted to adult standards, in understated elegant designs, this range has been very popular with our older girls and younger teenagers, as well as petite ladies. This range mainly caters to girls.


An award-award winning range of frames for babies, toddlers and younger children. The frames are customisable for the best possible fit and comfort. They are made from FDA approved materials that are flexible and non-toxic to our little ones who sometimes nibble their specs. A headband as standard to avoid loss, adjustable nose bridge height to achieve correct placement on your child’s nose, adjustable temple lengths to allow the frame to grow with your baby. A favourite amongst our optometrists and opticians for smaller members of the family. Suitable for boys and girls.


Zoobug is another specialist brand of award-winning kids frames and sunglasses perfect for babies, toddlers and small children. The company was founded by London based ophthalmologist Dr Julie Diem Le in 2006 with the aim of achieving the best fitting frames for small children. Zoobug guarantee their frames against damage and will repair or replace the frame within in the first 12 months. A wide range of styles and materials designed not only to fit small children perfectly but to survive the rigours of daily wear. Suitable for both boys and girls,


Award-winning Spanish frame designer offers Nano-Baby + highly durable, non-toxic, BPA free, indestructible frames for babies and toddlers. They also offer Nano-Vista and Nano Solar Clip for older children made from their proprietary material SILIFLEX a unique thermo-adjustable material that is 35% lighter than acetate frames and deliver a long lasting and durable finish. Nano frames are great if your little one is prone to breaking or damaging his or her frames. Suitable for boys and girls.

nike (2)

Nike Junior is the extension of the American brands adult frame and sunglass collection. Nike Junior frames offer fantastic build quality and a wide range of shapes, colours and designs. These frames are perfect for sporty children due to the unique side fitting which ensures maximum grip for active youths. The Nike brand is usually an instant winner with active sporty children. Suitable for both boys and girls, children and teens.


Erin’s World frames were developed by Maria Dellapina in 2004. Maria’s youngest daughter Erin was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth. Many frustrating years followed as Maria tried to find spectacles that would fit and fulfil the optical requirements of Erin. This led her to develop Erin’s World, a range of frames specifically designed for children with Down’s Syndrome. The frames are uniquely designed with shortened temples, extra wide frame fronts and a lowered bridge to perfectly fit the unique facial characteristics of the wearer. The frames are finished for the real world by using a titanium memory flex bridge. Suitable for both boys and girls.


Battatura offers an exclusive line of luxury, retro-inspired acetate and titanium frames, beautifully crafted and hand-made using the finest Italian acetate and bamboo polished for a stunning vibrant. If your teenager is looking for the style of an Oliver Peoples, Tom Ford or Ray-Ban frame at a more affordable price point Battatura may be the answer. Suitable for boys and girls.


Jack & Francis are made by Battatura. This range is handmade from Grade A acetate and wood polished for different finish from the Battatura range. Again along the lines of Moscot, Garrett Leight and Warby Parker in terms of design, but at a more affordable price point. Suitable for teenagers and young adults, both boys and girls.


The House of Lafont epitomises Parisian flair with a beautiful collection of designer frames and sunglasses for babies, young children and teens. The family owned French boutique brand offers products that are 100% made in France using the finest materials and craftsmanship. If you are looking for something with style and beautiful quality for your little one, Lafont may be the answer. Frames which incorporate Liberty London prints, Tartan, panther designs and tortoise shell certainly stand out from the crowd. Suitable for both boys and girls.

oakley junior

Much like Ray-Ban Junior, Oakley Junior are a more recent offering and an ever expanding range of spectacle frames for children and teenagers. Many of the designs are exact scale replicas of adult models, redesigned to fit children. They offer excellent build quality synonymous with the Oakley brand suitable for both boys and girls. A great option for children rough on their spectacles.


In 1996, Robert William Morris created William Morris London - an independent company with a very ‘English’ brand. The Wills and Young Wills collections are an extension of the William Morris range for children, young adults and petite faces. The collection is carefully crafted in easy to wear shapes and energetic colours that show off the personality behind the wearer. Lighter than ever before by using the latest in technology and materials; the collection features the same design finishes, branding applications and treatments that make the mainline London collection so popular. Suitable for boys and girls.


Ian and Margaret Wolfenden created WOLF Eyewear in 2009 and have since gone on to launch a designer adult collection, sunglass collection more recently Wolf Cubs a range of designer frames for small children and Wolf Teens an exciting range for teenagers, young adults and petite adults. The British company is a boutique, family run, independent organisation that prides itself on well crafted, quality designer frames and affordable prices. Suitable for boys and girls.