Our lenses

We firmly believe in the quality and optical precision offered by premium branded lenses. As an independent practice we can hand select the best lenses for you, your prescription and your frame choice from manufactures from across the globe including Nikon, Zeiss, Hoya, Essilor and many others. Our highly experienced and qualified dispensing opticians will discuss the benefits of each lens design, lens material and lens coating and then make recommendations on what will deliver the best cosmetic appearance and optical performance for you.

Having said all that, we love Nikon lenses! Nikon take the technological advancements gained within the world of Nikon camera lenses and apply this knowledge to your spectacle lenses. The quality of the lens optics, the quality of the lens coatings and the level of customer service are unsurpassed in our opinion. For this reason Nikon lenses are often our first choice.