Sports Eyewear

Our team of dispensing opticians can offer you help and advice on the correct eyewear for your chosen sport. We stock a large variety of sports spectacle frames, sports specific sunglasses and sport goggles. These options are available in prescription and non-prescription options.

Eyewear in sport offers three main functions:

Clarity - Specialist tints can help enhance your performance in particular sports.
In golf high contrast tints can help you track the ball when driving into an overcast sky. In skiing we have tints specific to different snow conditions. There are tints specifically designed for road cycling or mountain biking.

Performance - Optimal vision is crucial in many sports, particularly golf, racket sports
cycling and skiing. Your ability to judge speed and distance very much depends on sharp vision

Safety - In certain sports such as squash and cycling one must ensure optimum
protection of the eye to avoid catastrophic injury. Highly durable and impact resistant lens materials can be selected specific to your sport.

We also stock a variety of prescription swimming goggles, prescription scuba masks and retro-fit prescription ski goggle adapters. Our team are on-hand to help you whatever your sport.