Children and Contact Lenses

Are contact lenses a good idea for children and teenagers?

At Peter Ivins Eye Care we believe the answer to this is an overwhelming YES. Contact lenses can make a real difference to your child’s life. The benefits include all round vision, more freedom in physical activities and a boost to self-esteem. We would suggest contact lenses as a suitable alternative to glasses, even if only for part time wear.

If children and teenagers don’t like the way they look in glasses, it can affect their confidence, their personality and even their performance at school. Contact lenses can have a positive effect and improve how they feel about themselves.

There is no minimum age for contacts Lots of teenagers, and many pre-teens wear contact lenses. The average age at which teenagers first get contacts is currently about 12-15years of age, but it has been shown that children as young as 5 or 6 can be mature enough – with a little help from mum or dad – to wear and care for contact lenses. Successful lens wear depends more on responsibility and attitude than age.

Are they safe?

When properly cared for and worn as instructed contact lenses are a safe and healthy vision correction option. Unlike glasses, soft contact lenses won’t break while you’re wearing them and they aren’t likely to pop out or be damaged in sports or other physical activities. Daily disposables have transformed the safety and ease of adaption for young wearers and as no cleaning is required, hygiene is not an issue.

The technological advances found in modern lenses give wearers more healthy options than ever before. From the highest UV protection, to almost 100% transmission of essential oxygen to the eye, contact lenses can help keep eyes healthy for years to come.

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