Lens Enhancements

  1. MAR coatings
  2. Impact resistance lenses
  3. Thin and Light Lenses
  4. Aspheric lenses

Anti-Reflective Coatings

All our spectacle lenses come as standard, free-of-charge with an anti-reflection coating whether it is a child’s lenses paid for by the NHS or our top-of-the-range high performance customised Nikon or Zeiss lenses.

There are many advantages to anti-reflection coatings. The curved surface of spectacles lenses whether they are glass or plastic causes reflections. Uncoated lenses will lose around 10% of the light through reflection from the front and back surface of the lens. These reflections are not only distracting and unattractive cosmetically, but also degrade the clarity and sharpness of the image entering your eye. A good anti-reflection coating allows for clear vision by vastly reducing reflections, allowing around 99.9% of the light through the lens ensuring clearer vision, minimal distracting reflections and a much better cosmetic appearance.

In the past anti-reflection coatings would be by their very nature difficult to keep clean and smudge very easily. This is problem that has all but been overcome by modern coating technology. Manufacturers such as Nikon and Zeiss have developed multi-layered coatings to keep the lenses clean and clear. Super hydrophobic coatings ensure liquids such as rain will simply drop off the lens. Oleophobic coatings will ensure oils from your skin and environment are easily removed. Ultra tough hard coatings ensure the lenses are incredibly tough and resistant to scratches, improving the lenses durability and longevity. We also have specialised coatings such as Nikon’s SeeCoat Blue which is specially designed to eliminate high energy blue light improving contrast and reducing eye strain

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Anti-glare Lenses


Impact Resistant Lenses

All of children’s spectacle lenses are impact resistant as standard free-of-charge, as well as having an anti-reflection and anti-scratch coating. Impact resistance lenses may also be worthwhile for those of us who wear spectacles playing sport, or who work in hazardous working environments. Impact resistant lenses were initially used for astronaut helmet visors and space shuttle windshields and are now widely available for lightweight but durable spectacle lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 times more impact resistant that plastic or glass lenses and they aso offer 100% protection for UV light.

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Polycarbonate Lenses


Thin and Light Lenses

Hi index plastic and glass lenses offer the thinnest and lightest lenses available. Those of us that are long-sighted will notice their lenses are thickest in the middle and thinnest at the edge. The short-sighted amongst us will notice the opposite, where the edge of the lens is thickest and thinnest in the centre. Hi index lenses will reduce the overall thickness of your lenses vastly improving the cosmetic appearance of the lens and importantly reducing the weight of the lenses thus improving the overall appearance and comfort of your spectacles. There are many different lens materials and our dispensing opticians can help choose the best lens index for you based on your prescription and frame choice to ensure you get the best looks and most comfortable spectacles possible.

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Thin & Light Lenses


Customised Aspheric Lenses

Modern lens technology is such that we can no produce fully customised lenses which take into account not only your prescription and frame shape, but also how the frame sits on your face. We can also integrate aberration filters to ensure the best lens clarity possible. This allows us to make lenses which are significantly thinner and lighter than standard lenses and also offer clear vision across more of the lens. In combination with the latest anti-scratch coatings, anti-reflection coatings, anti-glare coatings, contrast enhancing filters in an ultra- thin high index impact resistant material we create the ultimate in spectacle lenses.


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