Orthoptic And Eye Dominance Assessment

During this group of tests the optometrist will be looking for abnormalities such as strabismus (commonly known as a squint or turn in the eye), accommodation and convergence issues (focussing problems), eye muscle problems which may cause diplopia (double vision), all which may affect quality of vision. The optometrist may also investigate stereopsis (ability to see in 3D), using a variety of 3D tests. Adjustments to spectacle prescription power may be made to improve co-ordination and balance between the eyes.Prism may also be added to spectacle lenses to help alleviate muscle imbalances which can cause double vision. Eye exercises are occasionally prescribed in attempt to alleviate muscle imbalances. Significant problems with binocular function and oculo-motor balance may be referred to an orthoptist (a specialist in eye muscles and their effect on vision).

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