Our Clinical Eye test in Glasgow

"Over the last 25 years, I have had the privilege of being able to travel to all parts of the globe lecturing on the subject of contact lenses. What is striking is the variation of provision and delivery of eye care, the models of health care, how it is funded and the technology that now exists within the field of optometry. Optometry in Scotland is now one of the world’s leading systems, delivering basic eye care in the community, which is free for all at the point of access. There is a limit however to what the state will fund, and that is what led me to develop the Eye Care for Life programmes. These programmes build on this basic eye care and utilize the best of what is available, elsewhere in the world." Peter Ivins

Since our Eye care for life programmes & Eye tests in Glasgow were up and running we channelled great focus into the establishment of our specialist clinics such as our, Blepharitis Clinic, Dry Eye Clinic, Macular Screening Clinic, Visual Stress Clinic, Glaucoma Screening & Myopia control clinic in Glasgow.

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