Sports Lens

Impact resistance lenses are ideal for those of us who wear spectacles playing sport, or who work in hazardous working environments. Impact resistant lenses were initially used for astronaut helmet visors and space shuttle windshields and are now widely available for lightweight but durable spectacle lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 times more impact resistant that plastic or glass lenses and they aso offer 100% protection for UV light.

Modern lens technology is such that we can no produce fully customised lenses which take into account not only your prescription and frame shape, but also how the frame sits on your face. We can also integrate aberration filters to ensure the best lens clarity possible. We can produce lenses in curved lenses perfect for sporting frames. This allows us to make lenses which are significantly thinner and lighter than standard lenses and also offer clear vision across more of the lens despite their curvature. In combination with the latest anti-scratch coatings, anti-reflection coatings, anti-glare coatings, contrast enhancing filters in an ultra-thin high index impact resistant material we create the ultimate in sporting lenses.

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Polycarbonate Lenses

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