Tear Film Analysis And Dry Eye Treatment Advice

During tear film analysis the optometrist uses a variety of techniques to investigate the volume and quality of the tear film and the health of the front of the eye. This will enable the optometrist to diagnose the cause of the dry eye, the type of dry eye and therefore advise you on the best treatment. This process will potentially involve the use of diagnostic stains and dyes such as fluorescein and lissamine green to enable a more detailed inspection of the anterior eye. The optometrist will use the slit lamp microscope in conjunction with anterior eye imaging to meticulously inspect, photograph and document the health and function of the eyelids, eye lashes, sclera, episclera, palpebral conjunctiva, bulbar conjunctiva, cornea, tear ducts and tear glands, as abnormalities to these areas can contribute to dry eye syndrome. This process does not affect vision, therefore driving afterwards is safe.

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