Vision Assessment and Refractive Status

Assessment and refraction the optometrist will assess and measure how well you see with and without spectacles or contact lenses by asking you to identify letters, numbers, shapes and pictures (depending on age and reading ability) on a special LCD test chart. There are a variety of tests for all ages including babies, toddlers and non-English speaking patients.





The optometrists will then assess whether or not visual correction in the form of spectacles or contact lenses is required. The first part of this process is the use of a retinoscope, a handheld device used by the optometrist allowing an accurate approximation of the level of myopia (short sightedness), hyperopia (long sightedness and astigmatism (rugby ball shaped cornea) and therefore an approximation of the required spectacle prescription. This process takes only a few seconds to perform, and involves the optometrist shining a light into the eye.


An auto-refractor may also be used to measure and estimate refractive errors in the eye. At Peter Ivins Eye Care we use the latest and most advanced auto-refractor which through a complicated, computerised and automated process very accurately measures the refractive error within the eye. This is a completely painless process, takes only a few seconds to perform and involves you looking at a picture within the machine.


The optometrist will then place lenses in front of the eye either by hand into a trial frame (a special frame you wear during the test) or using a electronic phoropter head, which is a machine containing all the lenses which you look through like a pair of binoculars. At Peter Ivins Eye Care we the latest and most advanced computerised phoropter head to very accurately measure your prescription.

We use a combination of these tests in conjunction with many others to determine the best spectacle and contact lens prescription for you that will be suitable for distance, intermediate and ne

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