Specialist Eye Care

Dry Eye & Blepharitis Clinic

We offer a personalised management and treatment plan customised to your particular type and severity of dry eye by utilising cutting edge, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and software combined with our clinical expertise and experience.

Myopia Control Clinic

In 2013 we were amongst the first practices in the UK to launch a dedicated Myopia Management Clinic. The aim of this clinic is to slow or halt the progression of myopia in children and therefore help to reduce the risk of developing retinal detachments, glaucoma and myopia maculopathy later in life. You may wish to have your child’s myopia evaluated if it is progressing or if you or your partner are myopic.

A Better Eye Examination

Peter and Craig have had the pleasure of travelling to all parts of the globe lecturing on variety of subjects including contact lenses and clinical imaging techniques in optometry and ophthalmology. What is striking is the variation of provision and delivery of eye care, the models of health care, how it is funded and the technology that now exists within the field of optometry worldwide.

Optometry in Scotland is now one of the world’s leading systems, delivering basic eye care in the community, which is free for all at the point of access. There is a limit however to what the state will fund, and that is what lead us to develop the Eye Care for Life programmes and our range of specialist clinics. Eye Care for Life builds on this basic eye care and utilises the best of what is available elsewhere in the world.

We have invested and continue to re-invest in industry leading diagnostic technology since opening in 2010 to ensure we continue to offer the possible standards of care to our patients.



Worried about developing AMD? Do you or a loved one suffer from AMD? We can help.In 2018 we invested in Europe’s first true colour ultra-widefield ultra-high resolution retinal camera – The Zeiss Clarus 500. This combined with our Zeiss Cirrus 5000 OCT, Zeiss Visucam 200 Macular Pigment Analyser and Zeiss Forum Retinal Workplace software allows us to diagnose those at risk of developing AMD, those suffering from early AMD and helps us monitor those currently being treated for AMD like never before.



Glaucoma is often referred to as the “Silent thief of sight” as it usually has no early symptoms. Our expertise in glaucoma combined with our use of the gold standard Zeiss Humphrey Visual Field Analyser, Zeiss Cirrus 5000 OCT, highly detailed retinal imaging and use of the cutting edge Zeiss Forum Glaucoma workplace software allows us to diagnose, monitor and track glaucoma with the highest precision possible.ment plan is working.



Do you or a loved one live with visual impairment? We may be able to help. We stock a large variety of visual aids from inexpensive hand-held magnifiers and specialist lighting, to cutting-edge electronic magnifiers, telescopes and wearable handsfree aids such as the eScoop. We were the first practice in Scotland to offer the ground-breaking eSight 3. Our optometrists and dispensing opticians are on hand to guide you.