Low Vision Centre

Do you or a loved one live with visual impairment? We may be able to help.

Since opening in 2010 we have be involved in helping maximise the vision of hundreds of individuals living with visual impairment. Our low vision clinic offers help and advice to patients struggling with aspects of day-to-day living as a result of their vision and for those who are not able to see adequately with ordinary spectacles.

What to expect when visiting our low vision clinic

Our optometrists will perform a detailed eye examination and visual assessment to fully understand your current level of vision and visual limitations. A discussion regarding your lifestyle and any particular areas of life you struggle with daily will help guide our advice. Our optometrists and dispensing opticians will then make recommendations on the use of high power spectacles, precision tinted-spectacles, telescopes, hand-held magnifiers, stand magnifiers, specialists lighting, electronic magnifiers and other gadgets to help maximise your vision relevant to individual requirements.

What causes low vision?

Visual impairment can be caused by a wide array of conditions including those developed at birth, as a result of injury, the aging process or as a result of eye disease. We deal most commonly with vision loss association with conditions such as macular degeneration, myopic maculopathy, Stargardt’s disease, glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment here using our online appointment diary. Alternately call our reception team on 0141 943 3300.