Optometry Today publish part two of Craig’s glaucoma article

October 2014 – Optometry Today publish part two of Craig’s glaucoma article

Optometry Today published part two of our Optometrist Craig McArthur’s article ‘Clinical Darwinism in glaucoma care’ where he updates the Optometric profession on the very latest in glaucoma diagnosis and management practiced at Peter Ivins Eye Care. Our practice is a perfect example of how using the latest state-or-the-art technology from Carl Zeiss in the form of the Zeiss Cirrus 5000 HD-OCT, Zeiss Visucam 200 fundus camera and Humphrey Visual Field Analyser in conjunction with Zeiss Forum and Zeiss Forum Glaucoma Workplace software can allow us to diagnose glaucoma potentially years before what was previously possible.

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