Isn’t it time you changed
the way you receive Eye Care?

What is Eye Care for Life?

Eye Care for Life is a series of programmes appropriate to age and need which supplement the NHS examination and allow us to advise you of the best strategies to protect, correct and maintain healthy vision throughout your life.

Our Programs

Eye Care for Life is simple - A more detailed eye examination, more often. And cheaper spectacles.

All Eye Care for Life members enjoy the same world-class technology and risk analysis software, only the frequency of visits changes with our 5 programmes.


Eye Care for Life Essentials 12 monthly examinations

Typically for young adults aged 19-39 to ensure maintenance of healthy and comfortable vision.

Eye Care for Life Essentials is perfect for those looking to maintain optimal eye health and vision.


Eye Care for Life Preservation 6 monthly examinations

Typically for adults 40+ involving screening and predictive analysis of visual status

Eye Care for Life Preservation is perfect for the over-40’s and those with a family history of eye disease including glaucoma and macular disease


Eye Care for Life Intensive 3 monthly examinations

A programme designed for the patient who requires frequent or extensive eye examination

If you have a strong family history of eye problems or have been diagnosed with a particular condition, it is important that you are examined frequently to ensure the condition is stable and that any treatment plan is working.


Eye Care for Life Kids and Teenagers

For children and teenagers from infancy to around age 18 to ensure healthy visual development

Under 18’s join Eye Care for Life for free allowing them access to our world-class technology and risk analysis software, plus discounts off spectacles and sunglasses

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Eye Care for Life Contact Lenses

Cheaper contacts, expert care

Have your contact lenses fitted and on-going check-ups with industry experts in contact lenses