Myopia Control: Patients share their experiences with OrthoK & myopia control

Myopia control clinic Bearsden, Glasgow: Orthokeratology (often know as Ortho-K) plays an important role in our Myopia Control strategy for children.  Myopia (short-sightedness) has increased dramatically from around 20% of under 30’s a few decades ago to 40% of young people today. Numerous studies have shown that myopia is more than just an inconvenience requiring spectacles or contact lenses for clear vision, but is a risk factor for more severe eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachments and macular degeneration later in life.  These problems can now be avoided.

Over the last decade myopia control strategies have been tried and tested culminating in Orthokeratology and soft multifocal contact lenses being heralded as the safest and most effective options available.  The idea behind these contact lenses is to slow or even halt the progression of myopia in children and in particular children with myopia at a very young age or with myopic parents.

Optometrist Craig McArthur with Struan, Ewan and Mia – local Bearsden children who are successfully wearing OrthoK contact lenses as part of their myopia control strategy



Our practice here in Bearsden, Glasgow was amongst the first in UK to launch a dedicated Myopia Control Clinic to screen and evaluate children at risk of progressive myopia, and explore the treatment options available.

Three of our superstar patients share their experiences with Orthokeratology, myopia control and how it has helped their school and performance on the sport field.


Myopia Control: Patient experiences with OrthoK contact lenses

Nine year old Struan Jummun, a keen footballer, has been using Ortho-k for a year, as his mother Suzanne, explained –

“Halting myopia progression was a major factor for me, taking a long-term view. For Struan he was determined that it would work as the only other option was wearing sports goggles for football. He took to wearing the lenses at night very quickly and even after just the first day his eyesight had improved drastically.”

For 12 year old Mia Padmanabhan, whose vision was -2.50 diopters before starting Ortho-k, it is great to be free of specs –

“They were a real hassle for sport as I like to compete in triathlons, and not being able to see in the pool was a problem.  I had been wearing glasses for three years and my friends were surprised when I stopped wearing them.  It is great not needing glasses at school and having to keep them clean during the day.  It is so easy to put the lenses in at night and take them out in the morning,” she said.

Mia’s Mum Catriona said long-term benefits are important with myopia control being “a real driver”.

Ten year old Ewan Kennedy has just started using Ortho-k. His mother, Tamara, whose vision is -6.00 diopters explained –

“I hope Ewan’s vision will not deteriorate as much as mine.  I wish I could wind the clock back and do this myself. Being able to see well creates a lot of self-confidence. I often had to chase Ewan to wear his glasses but in just two days of using Ortho-k there was a huge difference. We have seen great advances in his football and rugby, as he can react much more quickly to the ball. I was amazed at how well he mastered putting the lenses in at night and taking them out in the morning.  There are no issues with sleepovers as he does it all himself.”

Goalie Ewan added –

“In the first week of Ortho-k my football coach noticed that I didn’t let a single goal in.  I have seen a massive difference in the classroom, being able to see well, and my friends think I look less nerdy without my glasses.”

The fitting of Ortho-k lenses takes place at only specialist contact lens practices like here at Peter Ivins Eye Care and involves highly detailed height maps of the cornea being made with a topographer.  These images are emailed to a world-class contact lens lab where bespoke lenses are produced for each individual prescription.  Worn at night the lenses flatten the correct area of the cornea to provide excellent vision all day long.

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Young Ewan using or corneal topographer to ensure his Orthokeratology contact lenses are working correctly as part of his myopia control treatment

Mia having a slit-lamp assessment to monitor her eye during her myopia control treatment with orthoK contact lenses


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