Spec-tacular without Spectacles this Summer!

Summer’s an active time of year. It’s a time for sun, sea, sand and sport. It’s a time for heat waves, the Rio Olympics and music festivals. And it’s a time many glasses wearers can enjoy the unique delights of blurred snorkeling, panda eyes and the summer-specific fail of attempting to keep your specs on your face by any means possible.

But why suffer when Peter Ivins has a simple solution? Dailies Total 1 Contact Lenses.

They’re invisible, super breathable and designed with ultra-comfort in mind, which is why we’re offering all of our customers a complementary lens fitting worth £30, an additional £30 off your first lens purchase* and the chance to win a free trip to Paris!

    One of the many hazards of not being able to see underwater


          Rocking the panda look this summer


 To spite the heat, Jeremy finds new ways of keeping his spectacles on his face

Dailies Total 1 Contact Lenses Glasgow are the ideal lenses for any glasses-wearer fed up of the daily hindrances of spectacles, but perhaps apprehensive about trying contact lenses for the first time.

Dailies Total 1’s design aims to replicate the surface of your eye, with a unique water gradient that ensures unparalleled comfort throughout the day and keeps your eyes white and healthy. These daily lenses are also six times more breathable than other leading brands, making them the perfect lens for beginners and contacts-veterans alike! For many of our bespectacled patients, having the option of wearing contact lenses has been a life-changing experience. Which is why we’d like to make the transition easier with a cracking summer bundle of promotions on Dailies Total 1 Contact Lenses Glasgow.

First things first, you can claim a complementary Dailies Total 1 contact lens fitting worth £30. During your appointment, we’ll chat through your lifestyle and the best options for you, then, after a quick eye examination, we’ll let you try the contact lenses out for yourself and make sure you’re confident on putting them in and taking them out.

After your fitting, if you decide you’d like to give contact lenses a shot, we’re also offering you an additional £30 off your first lens purchase when you buy three months’ worth of lenses. This’ll allow you to kick-start your contact lens journey and ensure you’ll never be pushing your glasses up mid-Park Run again!

And last but not least, we’re offering one lucky Dailies Total 1 Contact Lenses Glasgow customer a free trip to the oh-so-chic Paris

So what are you waiting for? Book your contact lens trial fitting with us today either online or by giving us a ring on 0141 943 3300.

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