Children’s sunglasses from £29

Whether you and the family are jetting off to Dubai, heading for Centre Parks, hitting the surf at Tiree or building sandcastles on the beaches of Majorca, 100% UV protective children’s sunglasses should be one of the first things you pack. UV protection is vital for younger members of the family.  80% of your entire lifetimes exposure to UV light in the eye is within the first 18 years of life.  In children the clear parts of the eye (cornea, crystalline lens and vitreous) are newer, clearer and therefore let through around 3 times as much light to the back of the eye.  This coupled with the fact children have larger pupils than adults and like to play outdoors, puts them at significantly higher risks of the effects of harmful UV light from the sun.

How often have you sat around a swimming pool on holiday and noticed that all the adults are wearing sunglasses but few of the children are? Despite children being at significantly more risk this is a fairly common occurrence.

Our designer children’s sunglasses start from £29 for non-prescription and £69 for prescription



Children’s Sunglasses – How much UV protection do I need?

Proper UV protection is  crucial. Cheap sunglasses might not offer adequate protection from the sun.  All of our sunglasses are handpicked by our expert team of optometrists and opticians to ensure they offer 100% UV protection.  Our qualified dispensing opticians will ensure that your child not only finds sunglasses that are cool, but more importantly that they fit correctly and have adequate UV protection for your child’s lifestyle.  The correct material of lens is also important if your child plays sport.  Impact resistance sunglasses lenses are available.

Children’s Sunglasses – When should I wear them?

Sunglasses are often only used on holiday and back here in Scotland many people think they are not required. 80% of UV light will penetrate the clouds.  It is advisable to wear sunglasses from May – September even on cloudy days.  Glare can be a big problem for some particularly on cloudy days.  Thankfully polarised lenses can remove around 99% of glare, offering clearer and more comfortable vision.

Children’s Sunglasses – How much do they cost?

We have a fantastic selection of children’s sunglasses starting from £29 for non-prescription and £69 for prescription. Handpicked designer sunglasses from RayBan Junior, Oakley Junior, Adidas Junior, IziPizi Paris, Zoobug, Invu Switzerland and many more are available in polarised and non-polarised options.

You do not need an appointment to view our extensive collection of designer sunglasses for children. Simply pop in at your leisure and our expert team will be delighted to help.

Children’s Eye Test

If you require an eye examination you can book an appointment using our online appointment diary by clicking here. You can also book an appointment by calling our reception team 0141 943 3300.

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