Effective dry eye and
blepharitis treatment by experts

Dry Eye & Blepharitis Clinic

Are you struggling with dry, gritty eyes? Are your artificial tears no longer offering relief? We can help.

Intense Pulsed Light therapy is a quick and painless procedure providing immediate improvement in dry eye symptoms.

BlephEx allows us to surgically clean the eyelids of blepharitis sufferers to help treat this chronic condition.

What to expect in our Dry Eye & Blepharitis Clinic

We offer a personalised management and treatment plan customised to your particular type and severity of dry eye. By utilising state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and software combined with our clinical expertise and experience we can better understand the root of your problem and offer an effective solution.



We combine industry leading technology with clinical excellence and our vast experience in dry eye and blepharitis to accurately diagnose your problem.



We offer a range of treatments including IPL, BlephEx, Punctal Plus, scleral contact lenses, at-home treatments as well as medical prescribed interventions.


Causes and symptoms

Having problems with dry, gritty eyes. Learn more about blepharitis, MGD, dry eye and contact lens discomfort.