Macular disease screening by experts

Macular Screening

Early detection of age-related macular degeneration
is crucial for successful treatment.

We can help


The most common form of age related
macular degeneration.


Quick diagnosis and fast treatment are
essential in wet AMD.

What to expect in our Macular Screening Clinic

Simply put - use of cutting-edge technology such as ultra-high-definition retinal imaging, optical coherence tomography, fundus autofluorescence, macular pigment density analysis and Zeiss Forum Retinal Workplace analysis software, combined with our clinical expertise and decades of experience in diagnosis and monitoring of macular disease.

The aim of our macular screening clinic is to diagnose macular disease at the earliest possible stage. In wet AMD this would involve fast-track referral for treatment. In dry AMD and those deemed at risk of developing AMD, education on modifiable risk factors and frequent re-examinations.

If you are worried about your macular health, or macular disease runs in your family our macular screening clinic is perfect for you.


MACULAR Screening

Learn how we use industry leading technology to diagnose
and monitor macular disease including OCT, ultra-high-definition true
colour retinal photography, fundus autofluorescence and
macular pigment density analysis.


Learn more about this most common form
of age related macular degeneration,
its causes and symptoms.



Quick diagnosis and fast treatment are
essential in wet AMD.
Learn more about what causes wet AMD and
its symptoms.

Nutrition and the eye

Changes to you diet and dietary supplements may often be
suggested to those at risk of developing AMD or those already
diagnosed. Learn more about the effects
of diet on the eye