Post-Purchase Support

Our customer focus doesn’t stop once you’re out the door. Following your purchase we are always happy to provide support. Our staff are experts in all things optical and are more than happy to provide advice on the maintenance and care of your spectacles. Feel free to contact us for the following free services:

  • Re-adjusting Spectacles
  • Tightening Tiny Screws
  • Nose Pad Replacement
  • Tips Replacement
  • Minor Adjustments and Repairs
  • Consultation
  • Lighting Consultation
  • Advice for magnifiers

(These services may include a charge if you are not a patient or have not purchased your spectacles from us.)

Key Repairs

If a more significant repair to your spectacles is needed this can be done quite cheaply. For example, the repair of sprung hinges and frames can easily be done with a soldering iron. Titanium frames are repairable, but at a higher cost compared to plastic frames. In most cases plastic frames will be replaced using specific spare parts.

If your lenses are severely scratched then lens replacement may be the only option. If your glasses are beyond repair it might help to check the details of your household insurance as it usually covers spectacles.

Defective Spectacles

In rare cases the lens coating or the fitting of the frame may be faulty, if you feel the coating has come off or the frame is defective please contact us immediately.

We guarantee the quality of our reflective coatings for 2 years and frames are guaranteed to be defect free for a year (No accidental damage). If the spectacles are returned outside of this time we will not be able to repair or replace them under warranty.