Serengeti Sunglasses now available

Peter Ivins Eye Care is now an official stockist of Serengeti Sunglasses.  Serengeti are the world’s finest driving sunglasses.  There are a variety of lens and frame options to suit differing performance needs.  Read below for more information.


One of the secrets to the world’s finest driving glasses is the Serengeti lens.

Serengeti® makes two types of lenses, glass and Polar PhD. Both lenses feature Serengeti’s incredible photochromic technology, which should come as no surprise because Serengeti pioneered this technology. These Photochromic lenses ensure that your eyes remain fatigue-free throughout the day regardless of the light conditions. So whether you choose glass or Polar PhD lenses, they come with the advanced Photochromic technology that gives you everything you’ll ever need.

Polar PhD™

Serengeti Polar PhD lenses deliver clearly superior eyewear for the ultimate journey, featuring the very latest in polarization, photochromic technologies, exclusive hues and high-definition benefits that are near-glass in clarity. The Polar PhD lens is so revolutionary; it received the coveted international Silmo d’Or award in the lens category for innovation and performance – a first for a sunglass manufacturer.

Advanced Polarized Surface Technology

Moving well beyond the laminate process most manufacturers use, Serengeti’s engineers developed exclusive advanced Polarized Surface Technology, which works by infusing technology into the lens on a microscopic level, so polarization properties are embedded onto the surface and won’t delaminate or wear off

Exclusive Lenses

As the world’s finest driving sunglass, we offer exclusive photochromic Polar PhD™ Drivers® and CPG™ lens hues, which have been engineered to deliver superior optical clarity and contrast while constantly adapting to changing light conditions

Three-part harmony

Every photochromic Polar PhD™ lens incorporates three technologies that control the way light interacts with the lens. Photochromic properties allow the lens to instantly adapt to changing light conditions, while Spectral Control® manages specific colours in the light spectrum for the utmost definition, contrast and colour enhancement. And polarization minimizes surface glare on the road and elsewhere to reduce eye fatigue.

PhD Driver’s®

The amber-colored Drivers lens amplifies contrast and definition, delivering vibrant colors in all environments. As with all Serengeti lenses, photochromic properties lighten and darken throughout the day, providing the perfect light transmission in any condition and proprietary polarization delivers a stunning view.

  • 21% transmittance lightened lens 9% transmittance darkened lens 92% blue light blocked lightened lens 96% blue light blocked darkened lens


The CPG, or cool photo gray lens, is ideal for all weather conditions, particularly harsh glare. With its exceptional polarization properties and signature photochromic technology, it’s clearly not timid when it comes to high-definition and maximum protection.

  • 21% transmittance lightened lens 9% transmittance darkened lens 83% blue light blocked lightened lens 93% blue light blocked darkened lens

Glass Lenses

A full 20% thinner and lighter, our Ultra-Light glass lens is the most optically superior lens on the market. Serengeti® glass lenses are made from only the finest materials — providing unsurpassed visual acuity.

The process begins with borosilicate optical glass from Corning,® which can withstand extreme temperature changes. The lenses are chemically tempered to ensure scratch and impact resistance, then ground to perfection.

The lenses then undergo Serengeti’s® patented Hydrogen Firing Process. Hydrogen-fuelled Lehr furnaces activate each lens with our photochromic and Spectral Control® technologies with varying high temperatures determining their proprietary lens colour. After the lenses cool, they are treated with a unique coating that protects their edges, all while being closely monitored by a technician.

Staying true to Serengeti’s® commitment to craftsmanship, we give unparalleled attention to detail throughout every phase of the lens-making process.

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