Craig and Asim visit Mark Ennovy in Madrid

Our optometrists Craig McArthur and Asim Sheikh recently visited Madrid, Spain on a research and consultancy trip with Mark Ennovy Contact Lenses. The pair visited the Mark Ennovy contact lens manufacturing facility in the outskirts of Madrid to view the technology behind Mark Ennovy’s bespoke contact lenses.  The trip offered Craig and Asim a chance to meet various members of the Mark Ennovy team, from the lens designers, to the laboratory managers and lens manufacturing technicians.  Craig and Asim were also consulted on how they feel contact lens technology could be advanced by the company in future and offered their insight into new products that could be developed.

About Mark Ennovy Contact Lenses

Mark Ennovy specialise in individually manufactured contact lenses. Unlike most disposable contact lenses which are mass produced via a process known as contact lens moulding, every Mark Ennovy contact lens is individually made-to-measure, meaning our optometrists can control every aspect of the lens such as its curvature, size and prescription to ensure the best optical performance and maximum comfort.  This is particularly important if you have a complicated prescription, astigmatism and therefore require a toric contact lenses or you are over 45 years old and therefore require multifocal.

Who should consider custom-made contact lenses?

Custom-made contact lenses are great option for:

  • If you have a higher than average prescription
  • If you have astigmatism and require a toric contact lenses
  • If you are over 45 and require a multifocal or varifocal contact lens
  • If you been told in the past you cannot wear contact lenses
  • If you want the best possible fit and best possible vision from a contact lens

Custom-made contact lenses – How can I try them?

Our highly experienced optometrists Peter Ivins, Craig McArthur and Asim Sheikh lecture throughout the world on specialist contact lens fitting. They will use industry leading technology to map the surface of the eye in 3D.  They will then be able to design a contact lens that suits your lifestyle, visual requirements and prescription perfectly.

To arrange a contact lens trial you can book an appointment using our online appointment diary by clicking here or by calling our reception team on 0141 943 3300.


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