Road Safety Week 2017 – Vision for driving

Road Safety Week 2017 starts on Monday 20th November. Poor vision causes around 2900 road casualties every year. Help make our roads safer by having a regular eye examination at your local award winning practice, Peter Ivins Eye Care. CLICK HERE to book an appointment online now

Clear vision a must for safe driving

Road Safety Week is taking place from 20 – 26 November 2017. Good and clear vision is a must for all drivers.  Regular eye examinations will not only ensure all drivers meet the legal requirement for safe driving, but will also check for conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and many more.

Currently, drivers are tested on their sight before their driving test by being asked to read a car number plate, at a distance of 20 metres. If they need glasses or contact lenses to meet this test, they are required to wear them for driving. A driver is also required to notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) if they have certain eye or general medical conditions, and if they are advised by an optometrist or a medical practitioner that they should no longer drive. Once a driver reaches the age of 70, the DVLA requires them to declare whether they are fit to drive and then every three years thereafter.

At Peter Ivins Eye Care we believe the current assessment of drivers’ vision consisting of an initial number plate test, which could be completed in conditions that vary, is inadequate. While the ability to drive safely requires a number of mental and physical capabilities, good eyesight is obviously a crucial one of these and is essential for road safety

We offer award winning eye care using the latest technology available worldwide. Our highly experienced optometrists and opticians will ensure you meet the driving standards and wear the best possible lenses for this purpose.


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