How to stop glasses steaming up whilst wearing a mask

Stop glasses steaming up whilst wearing a mask

Glasses steaming up whilst wearing your mask? We can help!

Nikon Anti-Fog Cleaner premium lens cloth 

Are you fed up with your glasses steaming up whilst wearing a mask? Us too! Thankfully the Nikon Anti-Fog Cleaner premium lens cloth helps solves this problem.

You may have read on social media that Fairy Liquid, a bar of soap, toothpaste and even shaving foam will stop glasses steaming up whilst wearing a mask. This might well be true, but it will also damage the surface of your lenses, particularly if you have an anti-reflection coating. So this is best avoided.

How to stop glasses steaming up whilst wearing a mask

For only £5.99 you get a specially impregnated cloth 15x18cm in size.  This an impregnated cloth designed to stop spectacles and sunglasses fogging whilst wearing a mask. You can buy the cloth using our online store.

The effect of the cloth on your lenses lasts up to 12 hours, up to 300 uses and is useable for up to 12 months if stored in the zip lock bag provided.

It is very easy to use. Here are some simple instructions:

  1. Clean lenses with cleaning spray and regular spectacle cloth
  2. Remove Anti-Fog cloth from zipper bag
  3. Breathe on the lens to cause it to fog
  4. Wipe lens with cloth
  5. Repeat until lens stops fogging
  6. Tightly seal the bag when storing after use

Tips to stop glasses steaming up whilst wearing a mask:

  1. Make sure you lenses are clean. Use a lens cleaner and spectacle cleaning cloth
  2. Use an anti-fog product such as the Nikon Anti-Fog Cleaner premium lens cloth to protect the lenses from steaming up
  3. Make sure your masks is a snug fit. Similar to buying a pair of shoes, finding the correct size of mask for you is really important. If the mask is too large the gaps will allow air to escape that can cause your spectacles to steam up. A poor fitting masks also offers less protection against airborne particles.
  4. Secure the mask around your nose. If this masks is a snug fit around your nose the air is less likely to escape upwards and fog your glasses. Moving the masks higher up your nose can help, then placing your spectacles on top can help
  5. Breathe downwards into the mask. This may sound strange but with a little practice it’s an effective way of reducing your lenses from steaming up whilst wearing a mask.
  6. Adjusting your glasses can also help. Simply moving the frame slightly further down your nose will allow more air to circulate between the lens and your face.
  7. Switch to contact lenses.

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