Scotland’s first Oculus Myopia Master

Scotland's first Oculus Myopia Master at Peter Ivins Eye Care

Another first for the practice! April 2021 seen the practice install Scotland’s first Oculus Myopia Master. This cutting-edge piece of equipment allows us to measure axial length (the length of the eye) in children. Measuring axial length in children allows us to identify children at risk of becoming myopic (short-sighted). We can then take steps to slow the progression of myopia using special spectacles and contact lenses. Repeated measure of axial length then allows us to measure the success of our treatments over time. If one treatment is not delivering the level of reduction we would like we can change to another therapy. 


What is the Oculus Myopia Master?

We started Scotland’s first Myopia Management Clinic in 2013, and now in 2021 we are launching Scotland’s first Myopia Screening clinic for children. All children attending the practice for routine eye care will be screened free of charge using the Oculus Myopia Master. The system measure prescription, curve of the cornea and length of the eye and links to a clever statistics software system that allows us to calculate your child’s risk of myopia progression taking into account measurements from the eye and other factors such as parental myopia, time spent outdoors, time spent on digital devices etc. We can then accurately track changes in your child’s risk as they age and grow. 

Those deemed at risk of developing myopia will then be invited for a full myopia assessment within our dedicated myopia management clinic. A full myopia assessment costs £95 and includes:

  • A full eye examination including cycloplegic refraction to rule out the need for glasses or contact lenses 
  • Binocular vision assessment to ensure no focusing issues are present
  • Optical coherence scans of the retina using our Zeiss Cirrus 5000 to ensure the retina is healthy 
  • Ultra-widefield high definition images of the retina using our Zeiss Clarus 500 to ensure the retina is normal and healthy 
  • Corneal health assessment using our Oculus Keratograph K5 to rule out corneal disease such as keratoconus 
  • Axial length measurement using our Oculus Myopia Master
  • Detailed myopia risk report and customised treatment plan

How do I make an appointment to use the Myopia Master?

Call us on 0141 943 3300 to book an appointment or CLICK HERE to use our online appointment system.

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