Scotland’s largest Tomato Glasses stockist

Scotland's largest Tomato Glasses stockist

Peter Ivins Eye Care are proud to be the largest stockist of Tomato Glasses in Scotland. We stock every shape in the Tomato Glasses range (Baby A, Kids A, Kids B, Kids C, Kids D, Junior A, Junior B, Junior C), in every available size to allow our expert dispensing opticians to find the combination that fits your child best.


Why do we love Tomato Glasses?

It can be challenging finding spectacle frames and sunglasses that fit the unique facial characteristics of a child. Furthermore, finding frames that can survive the rigmarole of a child’s rough and tumble, energetic lifestyle can be even more challenging. Couple this with the need for the frame to fit perfectly to ensure two things:

  1. comfort on your child’s face
  2. to provide perfect vision; and the task becomes more difficult still.

It is imperative that a child’s frame fits perfectly, not slipping down their little noses to ensure again two things:

  1. the frame doesn’t fall off their face and is therefore lost or broken
  2. to ensure they are looking through the centre of the lens where the prescription prescribed by the optometrist is most accurate. This area of the lens provides the clearest possible vision. This is crucial in children under 8 years old as often we prescribe spectacles to avoid the development of amblyopia, to correct a strabismus (squint) or to slow the progression of myopia.

To ensure all these aims are achieved it is best to have your child’s spectacles selected, adjusted and fitting by a qualified dispensing optician registered with the Association of British Dispensing Opticians.  We are incredibly fortunate to have three hugely experienced, expert qualified dispensing opticians within our team: Jillian Forrie, Jennifer McArthur, and Martin Stevenson.  Couple the skillset of our dispensing opticians, the precision optics of Nikon spectacles with the unique, highly adjustable, and customisable design, fitting characteristics and durability of Tomato Glasses and we can guarantee that both you and your child will be delighted with your child’s glasses.

Tomato Glasses Glasgow at Peter Ivins Eye Care

Why choose Tomato Glasses?

Tomato Glasses have been our first choice for baby’s, toddlers, and school aged children since we first introduced them to our practice back in 2013.  My original plan for Tomato Glasses was to reserve them for the large number of babies and toddlers we are referred by the local children’s hospital with complex spectacle prescriptions or complex needs due to health issues.

However, as time passed, we found we were fitting most children with Tomato Glasses and eventually took the decision to drastically increase our stock holding to offer Tomato Glasses as our first-choice children’s range.  We now hold 80+ Tomato Glasses frames in store at any time. We work hard to ensure we have all available models, in all available sizes as somewhat of a fitting sit. This allows our dispensing opticians to select the shape and size that fits your child best. Our opticians can then customise the bridge fitting to suit your child’s nose and adjust the side length to provide the best possible fit. Your child can then have fun selecting their favourite colour and design motif on the frame sides.


The award winning features of Tomato Glasses

Tomato Glasses are designed specifically for children. This sounds like an obvious statement, but many of the features you would assume would be obvious to a children’s frame range are sadly lacking in other children’s frame ranges.

Non-toxic frame materials

The first important feature is the non-toxic frame material. When buying your child’s baby bottles most parents will research the material to ensure it is free from toxins such as BPA and parabens that can be harmful to your child’s health. However, few parents will think about the material of a spectacle frame. Spectacle frames can often end up in a child’s mouth being chewed. It is therefore important to consider the material from which the spectacle frame is made and the manufacturing process to ensure it is safe. Tomato Glasses frames are made from non-toxic intelligently shaped materials approved by the FDA.

Lightweight and comfortable

Tomato glasses are very light, weighing in it at less than 8 grams (Baby 6.3g).  Lightweight frames are more comfortable for children and adults alike. As well as light weight, there is also a cushion on the tip that matches the complex curves of the ears. Careful choice of frame shape and size can also reduce the thickness and weight of the spectacle lenses. Use of lightweight Tomato Glasses frame with a high index light weight aspheric Nikon spectacle lens will provide the lowest weight, most comfortable option.   

Adjustable, non-slip and durable

Patented technology provides vertical and horizontal adjustments to temples and nose pads to perfectly fit each child’s face. The ergonomic materials used means that the glasses don’t slide down your child’s nose. All frames come with an attachable strap which prevents the glasses from slipping providing security when actively running and jumping.

Extremely flexible and elastic materials provide excellent frame flexibility which is also hypoallergenic – no skin irritations to the child. Robust, impact resistant & shock proof, Tomato Glasses frames are made from shape intelligence material ensuring they maintain their shape.

Tomato Glasses Features and benefits - Peter Ivins Eye Care Glasgow opticians 

How to book an appointment for an eye examination

You can book an appointment for an eye examination by calling our reception team on 0141 943 3300 or you can book an appointment online by clicking here.


Find out more

If you have any questions regarding Tomato Glasses please get in touch via Our expert dispensing opticians and optometrist will be happy to help.

Information can also be found on the official Tomato Glasses website:

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