Bespoke Frames

If you find it difficult to find exactly the frame you want, in the correct size for your head, in the correct shape for your features, in the correct colour for your skin tone, in the correct material for your lifestyle - then why not allow us to custom-make the frame for you?Marrying the years and huge depth of experience and expertise of our highly skilled dispensing opticians with the cutting edge manufacturing technology bespoke eyewear is now very much a reality.

Bespoke…. is usually a British English term for tailored clothing made at a customer’s behest and exactly to the customer’s specification.


Why compromise when it comes to glasses?


British spectacle designer Tom Davies brings the luxury of bespoke to frames. Consumers can spend thousands on their wardrobe. Yet when it comes to glasses, which are a defining feature of their face, they won’t countenance paying more than a couple of hundred pounds for something they will wear every day for years on end.

That, at least was the case until British spectacle designer Tom Davies came onto the scene. In a short time Tom has revolutionised glasses by introducing bespoke frames, expressly designed and handmade to suit a person’s face, colouring, physical characteristics and lifestyle.

Bespoke Frames?

Having a frame designed and made for you is like a combination of ordering a bespoke suit and redesigning your own face. You get sunglasses or spectacles which fit perfectly, in exactly the colours and materials you choose and designed specifically around your natural features. They will suit you better than any glasses you have ever had.

Most spectacle wearers will tell you that fit is most important thing about a pair of glasses – that they’re the right size for your head and that they don’t slip down your face. Others will say colour is the most difficult bit to get right – you find the perfect frame but want it in red. Now you can. Tom Davies Bespoke frames satisfy everyone. You meet with our opticians, have a sophisticated series of measurements and photos taken, select from our portfolio of materials, colours and we input your design ideas into our online design wizard.


Our dispensing opticians and designer will then visualise your frame and design preferences photo-realistically on your face and send you back a portfolio of proposed designs that you see exactly as they will look like on your face. At this stage, you can change whatever you like, make comments and even open an online poll for your friends to vote on which design they like best. You then choose the frame you like and wait for it to be handmade exclusively for you. Typically, you will have your unique, personalised new glasses within four weeks.

How are bespoke frames designed?


Just as an experienced tailor has a set group of measurements which he uses to assess body type and how the cloth will hang on an individual, Tom’s seven principles guide his team of designers when they are working on customers design portfolios.

How are bespoke frames manufactured?

Each frame is hand-made for the customer using a combination of traditional techniques and modern machinery.

Laser engraved names


All Tom Davies Bespoke and Couture frames will have your name laser engraved on the inside of one of the arms. This is one of the things Tom’s customers like most. It’s as discreet as personalisation can get.

We think our bespoke service is one of the most exciting developments in optics in recent years. Any frame from the collection can be redesigned completely or just have a few small micro changes to allow the patient to have exactly what they want, perfectly fitted at a price comparable to the wider market.

3D Technology

TD Tom Davies has launched stylish, state-of-the-art 3D clip-ons, designed to be used with any TD Tom Davies Bespoke frame. The bespoke clip-ons feature passive polarized lenses using the latest 3D technology. The lenses also benefit from an anti-scratch coating. By putting quality, lightweight 3D clip-ons on top of a quality TD Tom Davies frame, we are providing a unique, accessible, very practical solution for 3D viewing.


Bespoke Sunglasses


British spectacle designer Tom Davies has revolutionised the eyewear market by creating his own service for customised eyewear. Each Tom Davies bespoke frame is designed and produced by hand, to suit a person’s face, colouring, facial characteristics and lifestyle.

We can now apply this principle to sunglasses! We can now design and manufacture millimetre perfect sunglasses to your exact specifications. Our dispensing opticians will take a series of detailed measurements to ensure your sunglasses are the best possible fit for your features. Colours and materials you choose and styles designed specifically around your natural features are combined with millimetre accurate measurements to ensure your bespoke sunglasses will suit you better than any sunglass you’ve owned in the past.