Glaucoma Clinic – Craig McArthur to speak at Global Optometry Summit

Glaucoma Clinic - Optometrist Craig McArthur shares his experiences within a busy glaucoma clinic at World Optometry Summit

Resident Optometrist and director Craig McArthur will deliver a lecture sharing his experiences within our glaucoma clinic at this years Global Optometry Summit on March 23rd, a global virtual event broadcast in North America at 9am PDT, in Europe 4pm UTC in the UK; 6pm SAST in South Africa; then again at 4.30 ACDT in Australia and Asia, 2pm in Singapore and 6am in the UK.

Craig joins a panel of expert speakers from across the globe including Dr Wes McCann of Canada, Dr Michael Chaglasian of the USA, Dr James Armitage of Australia, Dr Laura Nai of Singapore and Dr Mark Dunbar of the USA.

Craig will be delivering a lecture showcasing the use of Zeiss Forum, Zeiss Glaucoma Workplace and Zeiss Retina Workplace as the centerpiece of a busy glaucoma clinic. Peter Ivins Eye Care was amongst the first practices globally to use the Zeiss Forum software system back in 2010 and has used the system to great effect since within our glaucoma clinic. Craig is part of the European Zeiss Forum advisory panel which, pre-COVID, would see doctors and specialists from across Europe meet at the Zeiss Forum headquarters in Munich, Germany to discuss future improvements and developments of the software platform with the software engineers.

Zeiss Forum in a busy glaucoma clinic 

“Forum has been at the centre of our practice and our glaucoma clinic since we opened in 2010. Forum links our various diagnostic imaging systems such as our Zeiss Cirrus 5000 OCT, HFA3 Visual Field Analyser, Zeiss Clarus 500 ultra-wide field retinal camera and Visucam 200, meaning we can quickly view images and data in one place. We can add several additional tests to our patient examination without the need for lots of additional time due to the efficiency of this software. This always us to provide outstanding data driven care to our patients. Our aim was to create a completely paperless practice using the world’s’ best technology, Zeiss Forum allow us to do this.”

Glaucoma clinic - Craig McArthur speaks at Global Optometry Summit about experiences with Zeiss Forum Glaucoma Workplace

How do I view the lecture?

You can view the event here.


How do I make an appointment within the glaucoma clinic at Peter Ivins Eye Care?

Call us on 0141 943 3300 to book an appointment or CLICK HERE to use our online appointment system. If you are at risk of developing glaucoma our glaucoma clinic can help. We use some of the best diagnostic imaging and software analysis available worldwide to diagnose glaucoma at its earliest stage. 


Ask the expert about our glaucoma clinic.

If you have questions about glaucoma or our glaucoma clinic please email Craig McArthur at We will endeavor to reply and offer advice as a quickly as possible.



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