Myopia control expert lectures at global conference

Glaucoma Clinic - Optometrist Craig McArthur shares his experiences within a busy glaucoma clinic at World Optometry Summit

Our resident optometrist, director and myopia control expert Craig McArthur was recently invited to speak alongside a host of world-renowned academics, research scientists and practitioners at CooperVisions annual Virtual Perspectives conference. Virtual Perspectives is a one-day virtual event broadcast in more than 12 languages ​​with simultaneous translation in Spanish. The conference covered a variety of topics related to contact lens wear. Over 8000 practitioners from across the globes virtually attended the conference this year. The expert panel of speakers included Prof Nathan Efron, Prof Padmaja Sankaridurg, Dr Elena Garcia Rubio, Dr Annegret Dahlmann-Noor and many more.

Craig delivered a lecture on Myopia Management and how optometrists and contact lens opticians can implement a dedicated myopia management clinic within their practice. Craig shared how he setup Scotland’s first dedicated Myopia Management Clinic in 2013 and has helped hundreds of families slow the progression of myopia over the years within the Glasgow myopia clinic.  He explained how, using Scotland’s first Oculus Myopia Master the practice is screening all children for myopia

“Myopia Management is an incredibly exciting area of practice for our profession. We have an opportunity so slow the progression of myopia in children and thus reduce their lifelong risks of retinal detachment, myopic maculopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma in doing so. Our aim is to screen every child who attends Peter Ivins Eye Care for their regular eye examination for myopia and its risks using our award-winning technology.”

“Our practice has been lucky to be at the forefront of myopia management in the UK for almost a decade. With that brings the advantage of being invited by the industry to use products first as they come to market. Peter Ivins Eye Care was selected as one of the first practices in UK to offer MiSight 1 Day Contact lenses in 2017. We were one of the first in the UK to offer NaturalVue, Seed 1 Day Pure EDOF, Mylo and we have just been selected as the first practice in Scotland to use Menicon Bloom and Menicon Night. We were also amongst the first practices to offer MiYOSMART and Stellest spectacle lenses for myopia. Our aim is to align the child with the best product for them as an individual and give them the best possible chance of slowing their myopia.”

Virtual perspectives 2022 conference agenda. Myopia control expert Craig McArthur deliver delivers lecture at conference

What are my options for myopia management?

There are an ever-growing list of options we can exploit to not only correct your child myopia but also potentially slow the progression of the myopia. The options can be separated into contact lens options and spectacle options.  Spectacle options are present are limited to Hoya’s MiYOSMART spectacles lenses. However, the UK release of several other designs is imminent. 

Contact lenses offer a wider variety of options and include:

  1. MiSight 1 day contact lenses
  2. NaturalVue
  3. SEED 1dayPure EDOF contact lens for myopia control
  4. Mylo Contact Lenses 
  5. Orthokeratology (OrthoK)
  6. Off-label contact lenses options


How do I read the guide to myopia and myopia expert advice?

Part three of the guide to myopia is titled THE CONTENDERS. The article can be read here.


How do I make an appointment at The Myopia Clinic at Peter Ivins Eye Care?

Call us on 0141 943 3300 to book an appointment or CLICK HERE to use our online appointment system.


Ask the myopia control expert about myopia management.

If you have questions about myopia, myopia management or your child’s vision please email Craig McArthur at We will endeavor to reply and offer advice as a quickly as possible.


Learn more about myopia and myopia management 

CLICK HERE to visit the myopia section of our website. Here you we will explain what myopia is, the risks involved in myopia progression and the options available to us to slow the progression. 

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