NaturalVue Multifocal 1 Day contact lenses are clinically effective for myopia progression control and are an excellent option in slowing the progression of myopia in children. We have been using this lens with success within our Myopia Management Clinic since the lens launched in the UK in early 2019. Whilst initially being designed for use in over 45-year-olds suffering from presbyopia (the need for reading glasses or varifocals), NaturalVue has impressive myopia management credentials.

In September 2020, Visioneering Technologies Inc. (VTI), maker of the NaturalVue (etafilcon A) Multifocal 1 Day Contact Lenses presented exciting data at the Global Myopia Symposium. The 5-year study showed a consistent reduction in rates of myopia as well as a reduction in axial length with prolonged wear of NaturalVue contact lenses.

NaturalVue Multifocal Contact lenses for myopia control at Peter Ivins Eye Care

Advantages of NaturalVue contact lenses in myopia control

One of the advantages of NaturalVue lenses in myopia management is the range of available powers. The lens can be used from +4.00 to -12.25 and is available in 0.25D steps. As a daily disposable the lens is perfect for younger members of the family. No need to clean the lens with contact lens cleaning solutions. No need to store contact lenses in cases. If a lens is damaged or dropped, simply replace the lens with another daily disposable. Children have consistently been shown to be safer contact lens wearers than adults by various studies. The risk of an eye infection wearing daily disposable contact lenses is 2 infections per 10,000 patient wearing years. So, the risk is very very small!

Another advantage of NaturalVue contact lenses is the Class 2 UV Blocker. The UV blocking averages 98% un the UVB range or 280nm to 31nm and 84% in the UVA range of 316nm to 380nm. The lens will actually help protect your child’s eye from harmful UV light when playing outdoors.

How do NaturalVue contact lenses work?

NaturalVue utilise Neurofocus Optics®. This unique technology creates pinhole optics which results in an extended depth of focus, delivering a wider range of clear vision along the visual axis. In myopia this delivers clear distance vision but also maintains peripheral myopic defocus that has been associated with reduction in both myopia progression and reduction in axial elongation.

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