Menicon Bloom Night

Menicon Bloom Night is a form of overnight corrective contact lenses, also referred to as orthokeratology lenses, are part of the Menicon Bloom treatment plan. They help slow the progression of myopia while also correcting your vision. You wear the lenses while you sleep and the lenses gently reshape the outer layer of your cornea. This new shape of the cornea affects how images focus on your retina and can slow the growth of the length of your eye therefore reducing the amount of myopia you develop. So this treatment means you will not be as near-sighted as you would be if you were not using Menicon Bloom Night. On top of all this, it also means you can see clearly throughout the day without glasses or contact lenses!


Why Menicon Bloom Night Contact Lenses?

Menicon Bloom is the treatment plan for children with myopia. There are a few different ways to control myopia progression. However, regardless of the treatment chosen, the ultimate goal is always the same: inhibit the growth of the length of the eye and by extension, slow the development of myopia. The development of myopia may never be halted completely, but this treatment plan has been designed to help keep its growth to a minimum. How effective this is differs from person to person. Our myopia experts will have a Menicon Bloom prognosis and progress tool to help give you more information about this, as well as our Ocular Myopia Master and its progression reports. This treatment plan has been developed to allow the safe and effective application of myopia control. 


The Menicon Bloom App

When it comes to myopia control, monitoring progress is of the utmost importance. In order to make this as straightforward as possible, we created the Menicon Bloom app. At certain times, you will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire. The questions are about your vision and your experience wearing the lenses. You can also use the app to communicate with our optometrists. This makes it much simpler to ask any questions that you may have.


Menicon Bloom Night Orthokeratology contact lenses - At a glance

  • Reduces myopic progression
  • Reduces the chance of developing high levels of myopia (-6.00D or more) which may lower the incidence of eye diseases associated with short-sightedness such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, cataract and myopic maculopathy
  • May improve the self-esteem of children and teenagers in terms of their ability to participate in sporting activities and their social acceptance


Available prescription range:

Menicon Bloom Night contact lenses are available from:

  • -0.25D to -4.00D of myopia.
  • 0.00DC to -1.55DC (Larger degrees of astigmatism can in some cases be masked by the design of the lens).


Making an appointment

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