Peter & Craig

Peter Ivins Contact Lens Specialist Glasgow

Peter Ivins has been involved in contact lens research and clinical trials for over 30 years. In 1987 he was one of the first optometrists to trial disposable contact lenses anywhere in the world, and since then he has lectured in China, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Europe, America and South Africa on contact lenses and related topics. He has and continues to sit on advisory panels of several global contact lens companies. He is currently a member of the teaching faculty at the Johnson and Johnson Vision Care Institute in Wokingham, England which has been developed to enhance practitioner knowledge and improve patient satisfaction. “I am passionate about contact lenses as a method of vision correction particularly for children and teenagers. I truly believe anyone who wears glasses should consider contact lenses.

Whether you’ve tried them in the past or are considering them for the first time, we have put together some useful; information to help you decide if, and which type of, contact lenses are right for you. We would be delighted to discuss this more fully with you at any time.”

Craig McArthur Contact Lens Expert Glasgow

Craig McArthur has over 10 years’ experience in contact lens fitting, research and trials and is on a number of advisory panels for a variety of contact lens companies. He has been involved in numerous clinical lens trials and new product launches. He has a special interest in specialist contact lenses for abnormal corneas, orthokeratology and myopia control contact lenses for children.

“I believe given the correct care and attention from a specialist in contact lenses, combined with modern contact lens technology that there are very few individuals Peter and I could not successfully fit with a contact lens. Whether for part-time or full-time wear contact lenses are fantastic option for everyone.”

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