Our Expertise

Fitting spectacles is a dying art form in our opinion. At Peter Ivins Eye Care it is a combination of science, art and fashion marrying a detailed understanding of the complex optics of spectacle lens designs to ensure perfect vision; with the artform of correctly fitting a spectacle frame to ones face to ensure maximum comfort and with some panache to ensure a cool and stylish look.

This is best done by a qualified dispensing optician.

We have three highly experienced, expert and passionate dispensing opticians within our team; Jillian Forrie who qualified in 2013, Jennifer McArthur who qualified in 2007 and Alison Halliday who qualified in 1988. Shevaun Breslin also joined our team in 2018 and is currently in the process of completing the undergraduate component of her training.

Our team of dispensing opticians hand select every frame we offer and therefore feel passionately about the products we offer. They offer a personalised one-to-one shopping experience with every pair of spectacles we provide and will make recommendations based on your prescription, face shape and personal taste to make the process of selecting new spectacles stress-free and enjoyable. But most importantly due to their qualifications, level of training and experience they will ensure you love your spectacles.

Bespoke frame design

Due to the level of training and expertise within our team we are able to offer a bespoke frame tailoring service. If you are very petite, have a larger head, more challenging facial characteristics or simply cannot find the exact frame you are looking for, our dispensing opticians can design and custom-make you one. This allows you control of the materials, the finish, the colour and the overall design and allows our team the ability to ensure the frame fits you perfectly. Learn more about our Bespoke frame tailoring service here.

What is a dispensing optician?

Dispensing opticians conduct a university undergraduate degree in dispensing optics. After which they conduct a vocational year of training referred to as their pre-registration year. During the pre-registration year graduate dispensing opticians work alongside qualified dispensing opticians and optometrists to gain experience and learn from more experienced colleagues, somewhat like an apprenticeship. Once the pre-registration year is complete and enough experience of complex cases gained the graduate can gain entry to the Association of British Dispensing Opticians professional exams. Once these exams are passed the individual can refer to himself/herself as a qualified dispensing optician and use the title Fellow of the British Dispensing Association (FBDO).

Unless you are under-16 years of age your spectacles do not need to be selected and fitted by a qualified dispensing optician. Anyone, regardless of a lack of training or experience can be employed as an optical assistant and help a customer select spectacles and fit the spectacles frames and lenses. This can often to lead to problems with frame fitting, lens performance and ultimately level vision due to lack of expertise and experience. 

At Peter Ivins Eye Care we firmly believe in the importance of dispensing opticians and their knowledge of spectacle fitting and lens selection.