Myopia expert contributes to Optometry Today: A guide to myopia control

myopia expert Craig McArthur contributes to Optometry Today's Myopia Guide as part of expert panel

Optometrist, director and resident myopia expert Craig McArthur of Peter Ivins Eye Care was recently invited to contribute to the UK optometric journal Optometry Today. The journal published 6-part guide to myopia and myopia management. Craig forms part of a panel of myopia expert contributors from across the globe.

Part three of the Myopia Guide is titled THE CONTENDERS. This article offers insight into assessing the different myopia management options and their use in practice. The aim of the series is to educate the wider optometric profession in the important of myopia screening, the risks associated with myopia and how we can slow down myopia progression in children with the various treatment options available to us. 

What are my options for myopia management?

There are an ever-growing list of options we can exploit to not only correct your child myopia but also potentially slow the progression of the myopia. The options can be separated into contact lens options and spectacle options.  Spectacle options are present are limited to Hoya’s MiYOSMART spectacles lenses. However, the UK release of several other designs is imminent. 

Contact lenses offer a wider variety of options and include:

  1. MiSight 1 day contact lenses
  2. NaturalVue
  3. SEED 1dayPure EDOF contact lens for myopia control
  4. Mylo Contact Lenses 
  5. Orthokeratology (OrthoK)
  6. Off-label contact lenses options


How do I read the guide to myopia and myopia expert advice?

Part three of the guide to myopia is titled THE CONTENDERS. The article can be read here.


How do I make an appointment at The Myopia Clinic at Peter Ivins Eye Care?

Call us on 0141 943 3300 to book an appointment or CLICK HERE to use our online appointment system.


Ask the myopia expert about myopia management.

If you have questions about myopia, myopia management or your child’s vision please email Craig McArthur at We will endeavor to reply and offer advice as a quickly as possible.


Learn more about myopia and myopia management 

CLICK HERE to visit the myopia section of our website. Here you we will explain what myopia is, the risks involved in myopia progression and the options available to us to slow the progression. 

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Myopia expert contributes to Optometry Today: A guide to myopia control

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